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  • Kitchen Paint Colors

    Evergreen 5 kitchen paint colors| CertaPro Painters of St. Petersburg, FL | Proudly serving Bradenton, South Pinellas, North Manatee and surrounding areas.

    Kitchen Paint Colors  

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    It can be hard to decide what colors to paint your kitchen in. Whether you’re painting your kitchen as part of a complete overhaul and renovation, or just want to give a tired-looking kitchen a fresh new look without blowing the budget, the right kitchen paint colors can make a world of difference. At CertaPro Painters of St. Petersburg, FL, we’ve painted hundreds of kitchens locally – and here are 5 colors that are always popular in the kitchen!

    Green: Neutral greens and forest greens are a great choice for a kitchen. Green is one of the most natural colors you can put in a kitchen, and it works well with chocolate browns and neutral colors to give a kitchen a cozy, warm atmosphere – perfect for cooking during long, cold winter nights!

    Blue: If you have wooden kitchen cabinets, especially made from a darker wood, an airy blue can work well to create an airy atmosphere. This is a great color for a lightly toned kitchen – keeping it light and fresh.

    Red: A fiery red is great for people who love cooking – the passion in the color also reflects the heat of cooking as well as the spice of food. It may be best used sparingly with another color – red can be an overpowering color if used too much, but used correctly, it’ll add a wonderful character to your kitchen.

    Neutrals: toned down neutral colors with an earthy tone are a great choice for the homemaker who wants to create a cozy kitchen space that stimulates the appetite and brings people closer together over food. As a bonus, this is a very safe choice for those who don’t want to be too daring when it comes to finding a new color palette.


    White: if you have a small kitchen, white is a great choice – its lightness makes smaller spaces fill up with reflected light, as well as feeling airier. White is also an excellent vehicle for other colors, and a color that everyone associates with cleanliness – certainly a property you want associated with your kitchen!

    If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen paint colors and a little help, give CertaPro Painters of St. Petersburg, FL a call. All of our painters are fully-qualified and experienced painters who are waiting to help you. You can book a free, no-obligations consultation and estimate session, during which you’ll be able to ask questions and find out what would work best for you. Get started on the road to a great new kitchen color scheme – today!









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